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50 sheets Transparent Post-it Sticky Note Pads

50 sheets Transparent Post-it Sticky Note Pads

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Style: Memo Pads

Size: S:50*76mm/M:76*76mm/L:95*70mm

Quantity: 50 sheets

Product name: Transparent Sticky Note Pads


The perfect companion for staying organized, leaving reminders, and adding a touch of creativity to your everyday tasks. These transparent sticky notes offer a unique and modern twist to traditional sticky notes, allowing you to add notes and reminders without obscuring your work or documents.

Each pad comes with 50 sheets of transparent sticky notes, providing you with ample space for writing down important information, jotting down ideas, or leaving messages for yourself or others. The transparent design allows you to see through the notes, making it easy to locate and reference information while keeping your work visible.


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